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What is a Tree Report?

A Tree Report is both an assessment and analysis of the health and safety of trees.

It provides recommendations for the care, maintenance and management of trees on your property.

The report will identify unacceptable risk to the property and owners/occupiers of neighbouring land.

Be aware of your legal obligations

Under both civil law and criminal law, the owner of land on which a tree stands has responsibilities for the health and safety of those on or near the land and has potential liabilities arising from the falling of a tree or branch.

Tree Reports

  • Tree Reports – BS5837:2012
  • Tree Hazard Assessments and Recommendations
  • Pre-and post development site tree surveys
  • Woodland Management Plans
  • Implications Assessments
  • Site Monitoring
  • Mortgage Surveys
  • Ecology Advice

Frequently asked questions

A Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) carried out by our qualified Consultant can offer peace of mind for your trees. The tree will be visually assessed for signs of any structural defects, using the Visual Tree Assessment methodology, and a schedule will be provided, detailing the condition, structural defects and of any works required to bring the tree into a safe condition. We recommend this to be completed every two years.
Yes, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) will evaluate the direct and indirect impacts of a proposed development and consider factors including; ground constraints, amenity value, the construction of the development, infrastructure requirements, tree retention/ removal plans, amongst others
Our Consultant has a Level 6 Diploma in Arboriculture Dip Arb L6 (RFS), is a Technician Member of the Arboricultural Association (TechArborA), and a Fellow of the Arboriculural Association (FArborA). He is a registered Arboricutural Association Consultant, and carries out all work to BS5837:2012.
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