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Tree Felling

Tree felling is the removal of a tree to its lowest possible level. Where space and ground allow, the tree can be felled in a single section using various techniques to control the direction of fall. Otherwise, we can safely dismantle the tree via expert rigging.

Soft Felling

A tree identified with woodpecker’s holes, cracks, splits, cavities and rot holes may have bat roost potential, and will need to be lowered gently, in a controlled manner to ground level.

Each section will be laid on the ground with holes and cracks facing upward for as long as possible (at least 24 hours under suitable weather conditions is advisable); this gives any possible bat a chance to vacate the tree.

Arbor Call will work closely with the ecology team to ensure that best practice is adhered to at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Our experienced climbers have a number of methods to remove a tree. This includes rigging sections of the tree and lower them to carefully dismantle it, or even using a zip line method.
Depending on the clients’ requirements, we can retain the green waste in manageable sections to use as firewood. Otherwise, we are registered waste carriers and we will dispose of the green waste at registered locations.
All of our tree work is carried out in accordance with BS3998:2010.
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