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Tree Planting and Maintenance

We have found that gardeners and landscapers are tending to shy away from planting trees and are preferring shrubs and smaller plants as an alternative. Although shrubs can be a good compromise to smaller gardens, there are still suitable small trees that are all too often overlooked.

Trees will provide shade, soak up noise and pollution, provide a wide range of wildlife habitat, a useful screen and enhance the character and value of your home, creating an aesthetically pleasing place for you and future generations to live, relax and enjoy.

Allow us to help you choose the right tree for your garden, whether it is a large estate or small courtyard. Our maintenance services help people manage their trees safely and sustainably.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can discuss some options and we will take into account maintenance, aesthetics and size and advise accordingly.
Each tree is unique in its requirements for after care. We will advise you on how to care for your tree upon completion of planting.
We are able to offer watering services for your tree(s). this is popular for clients who may live abroad or travel frequently, and those who have a larger number of trees planted.
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